Into The Vault: Christmas Chaos III Finals – The RPF vs. The Dark Warriors


Klondike, CPA Central Headquarters – Considering Club Penguin is closing very soon and CP Armies may come to an end too, we feel it is quite appropriate to look back on some more old battles. We would like to bring everyone from the present day back to 2013 in one of the biggest and unforgotten battles ever. The Christmas Chaos III Finals between the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Dark Warriors. Today, we bring you the second edition of Into the Vault!

Once again, we look back at the most anticipated battle in CP Armies, the Christmas Chaos Finals. The ‘biggest tournament of the year’, most people would say. The Christmas Chaos over the past few years has brought shock and amazement to some people in our community, which is why we bring you the Christmas Chaos Finals once again.

In 2013, armies were doing great, every army had great sizes, there were fun wars and there was no accusations of ‘multi-logging’ going on. All armies were very close in sizes as everyone recruited mainly the same way as each other, and battles would be very interesting too. At the time of the Christmas Chaos, the two biggest armies were the Dark Warriors and the Rebel Penguin Federation. It was no wonder these two armies ended up battling it out in the final, they both deserved to get to the final and worked hard to get there too. Tensions before the battle were high as both armies had accused each other of cheating in multiple ways and war was always going to be a possible outcome after the battle (which is what happens after most tournament finals). Let’s look into it!

Here’s the overall highlights from the battle:

In a debated battle, the Dark Warriors reached sizes of 60-65, and after leaving the battle room twice, lost to the RPF due to the fact that the army could not provide sufficient proof of the RPF “multi-logging” outside of 2-3 troops. The RPF had sizes of 75-80. This was a disappointing end to a tournament that went well for a majority of the other battles.

Within the Stadium, the RPF kept consistent sizes of around 50, whilst the Dark Warriors had around 15 for the first couple of minutes- prior to being ordered to go to the Berg by their leaders. This would be the Dark Warriors’ first time of exiting the battle room without being asked to.

With the much anticipated room change for Dark Warriors, who would be looking to find their way back into the battle, they had sizes of around 50. However, once the move to the Pool was announced, the Dark Warriors were swarmed by the RPF- who, for the second time, proved to be the faster moving army. The Dark Warriors once again issued a retreat from the battle room.

The Rebel Penguin Federation were announced as the victors of the Christmas Chaos 2013- unless the Dark Warriors provided sufficient evidence of the RPF breaking the tournament rules.

The trophy

Here is a video of the battle, recorded by Elmikey:


At the end of this battle, The Dark Warriors who were fuming after a disappointing loss to the RPF, were asking for a war to happen. At the time there was a peace treaty between the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Dark Warriors so if they had gone to war, they would’ve broken the peace treaty. Eventually, both armies had agreed to cancel the treaty and go to war. There are multiple pictures on both armies’ sites from the war.

During the war there was no real organisation, as both armies wore black (as it was their main uniforms) and neither would change color, like the Rebel Penguin Federation did for the tournament finals prior to the war. It was a messy but good war as both armies had amazing sizes and they also had good battles. I feel that as Club Penguins closure comes closer, we will never see a war like this again, which is quite unfortunate really. People used to enjoy these wars and battles and as the past three years went by armies got smaller & less entertaining.

Many people from the community had joined in to help either armies for this battle or had even watched. It was a truly amazing battle, even just looking back at it amazes you at how armies have changed since then. The Dark Warriors had claimed the RPF was cheating and the RPF simply ignored the accusations. This led to a full scale war which lasted quite some time. All over a tournament final. It did turn out to be an entertaining war though!

So, what do YOU think about this battle? Was it a great one to look back on? Did the RPF deserve the victory? Will we ever see a battle like this again? Comment down below! Here at CP Army Central, we want YOUR opinions!

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  1. Nice post! Just some errors though on the facts

    There was no war that ensued after the Christmas Chaos finals. The Dark Warriors were mad, yes, and they decided to invade RPF’s capital Tuxedo the next day. Both armies were black, but the RPF was easily able to be recognized as the winner, and the Dark Warriors surrendered the battle. This surrender crippled the Dark Warriors and the leadership of the Dark Warriors nearly split up. Nothing really happened after this, the Dark Warriors just started having training sessions and the RPF entered a war with the Nachos and Army Republic.

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