Lime Green Army Return To CP Army Community

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Lime Green Army Nation – Prior to the news of Club Penguin shutting down, the Lime Green Army had been planning its return to the army community. That plan has officially come into fruition with the LGA taking part in an illegal war with the Thugs Army of Club Penguin.

The announcement of an LGA return apparently came from a blog post on the site published January 21st however it’s been speculated that the post was written after this date and simply scheduled to come out later. The post was published by King Wolf and was relatively short. An extract of that post can be seen below.

Hey there LGA

This is a short post just to let everyone know about the new leadership which consists of



Peace out

The post was short and sweet. It was also to the point and announced that there would be a double leadership. Things started to get complicated for the army upon the hiring of Justinfortsa, Dunno and other Thugs of Club Penguin troops. Mutee, leader of the Thugs Army, accused the LGA of troop stealing and not willing to accept this, took over the LGA chat defacing it, this was posted to CPA Central if you wish to go back and reference it.

This obviously created a certain level of tension between the Thugs Army and the Lime Green Army. Seemingly not equipt with the ability to use wordpress, Greeny posted two extremely difficult to read screenshots on the website that can not be enlarged. For this reason, it’s unknown what the screenshots say. However, Greeny did post a screenshot of Mutee claiming that the Thugs would be ignoring the invasions.


As you can see in the above picture, Mutee doesn’t give any reasons for ignoring the invasions other than the fact that Club Penguin Armies are dying due to the closure announcement from Club Penguin. Greeny then goes on to state that this simply does not matter before sarcastically thanking Mutee for the servers.

Despite Greeny’s comments that the war is indeed valid, this is not the case. The fact is that when the Lime Green Army made the decision to close and merge into the Rebel Penguin Federation last year, any servers the army had also merged and were given to the Rebel Penguin Federation. Despite the fact that Greeny has now unmerged the army, this does not mean that LGA gets the servers back on the basis of them not negotiating an LGA Return clause with the RPF.

For this reason, the Lime Green Army can not legally be in a state of war with the Thugs Army until the LGA have received two servers. They can receive these two servers through the means of invading free land, server grants or simply being gifted the servers but until they have them, the Thugs have a legitimate basis to ignore the invasions.

What do YOU think? Are you happy to see the Lime Green Army return? Do you think the return has happened at a bad time with such other prominent armies also returning?

Zing King To

CPA Central Chief Executive Officer

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