Jodie Retires From CPA Central

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Following what she always described to be as a temporary period as Chief Executive Officer of CPA Central, Jodie has now decided that she would leave the site and in the process leave the duty of Chief Executive Officer to that of Tax1 who has remained relatively silent in the public eye about it.

On January 19th, Jodie published a statement on the official staff site for CPA Central entitled “My Sincerest Apologies” in which she announced that after much deliberation and deep thought, it is time for her to step away from her rank as CEO. Here is a short extract from the post.

Hello, members of CPA Central, board members and whomever else happens to be on this site.

After much deliberation and deep thought, I’ve decided to step down from my rank of Chief Executive Officer here at CPAC. Although not being an acto I which I have taken to lightly, I believe that this action will prove most certainly beneficial to both the staff here and for the future of the site.

Jodie’s most recent run within CPA Central really started on the 18th January 2015. Following a poor performance from Atticus947 as Chief Executive Officer of SM Army Press, there was no choice but to merge the two news sites effectively bringing Jodie into CPAWM when SM Army Press and SM Army Central merged. The merger was in fairness a success with SM Army Central managing to perform better than the flagship CPAWM site, CPA Central at times.

You can read the post announcing the SMAC-SMAP Merger, as written by Bluesockwa1 by clicking here. This is the post that was written and published to the CPA Central site.

While SM Army Central continued to prosper, CP Army Central began to fall with Goblin as CEO. Things got even worse for the site as time went on meaning that Jodie was brought in to try to restore CPA Central to its former glory. Jodie announced a new CPA Central ideology that she had explaining exactly what she wanted to achieve as CEO.

  • Site redesign – That’s right, a much needed site redesign will be coming to CPAC by the new year. This will be accustomed for both the small and medium sector of the community, as well as the major.
  • Polls – The weekly poll will be up and running once again, allowing us to communicate with you and receive feedback on what we’re doing – ensuring only the best viewing experience for you.
  • Annual Activities – Currently, we are in the process of holding our annual Legend Inductions and awards, perfecting them to suit you and your opinions.
  • Contests – CPAC will be holding some more contests and competitions, although not the usual trivia, site hunt, etc. Of course, these are still standard, although activities such as story writing contests are likely to be held during periods of time without a national holiday (e.g. Easter, Christmas).
  • Columns Forget the usual, boring “Army in Focus” columns, it’s time for something new! Every month, column propositions will be placed into one of our weekly polls. The most popular will be turned into a regular article for that month – being based around what you request.
  • Activities such as game nights and recorded battles are also on the cards, yet are awaiting community feedback.

As you can see from the above, Jodie managed to successfully achieve what she set out to achieve also bringing back former SM Army Press Chief Executive Officer, Zing King To to help with the posting quality and quantity on the site – something done extremely successfully. With the site looking like it was about to peak again, Tax1 was brought in to aid Jodie as Chief Executive Officer, a role that he still, as of this writing, holds.

This decision wasn’t met with approval from Jodie who believed that her methods serving on her own were much more effective. With Tax’s inactivity as of late, Jodie believes that she’s been proven right.

I was quite happy to enjoy my retirement but then one day, I got a call from Jodie. She told me that she had joined CPA Central for the rank of CEO. She told me about how Gobby rage quit as CEO and how Atticus and Lorenzo really didn’t do anything – she told me the state they had left the site in. At that moment, she asked me to make a return to site and after a few days of being persuaded, I decided to come back to the site as a favour to Jodie.

– CPA Central Executive Producer, Zing King To accounting on why he returned to CPA Central.

You did a good job in the circumstances and should be proud of what you did, it was not an easy job but CPAC has certainly improved since you took over.
Happy retirement.

– Former CPA Central Chief Executive Officer, Kingfunks4 comments on Jodie’s time as CEO.

2016 also saw Jodie find her way onto the Person of the Year list. Jodie’s biography on the list, pitting her as number ninth, was written by Kingfunks4. She was labelled as the ‘Voice of Small Armies’ despite the fact that it was her decisions that ended up paralysing and suffocating the SM Army Community in a genocidal move that she did not foresee.


The Voice of Small Armies

For a long time through her career in CP Armies, Jodie has played a big part in the Small and Medium Army community. She played a key role in keeping SMA Central running for as long as it did, with site activity being impressively high in an increasingly dwindling community. When SMAC died, her attention then switched to CP Army Central, a place where she has continued to show how she can get the best out of limited resources. She has managed to gather a strong team behind her and rejuvenate the website within recent weeks following a decline under the previous administration.

Her decision to merge SMAC into CPAC following the Summer was a key one in determining the current and future nature of how armies work. The end of this website was effectively the end of separation between Large, Medium and Small armies, and it was Jodie who made the final and inevitable decision. She became Interim Manager of CPA Central alongside myself during the summer, in an attempt to bring the website back to its potential, and with her help we managed to achieve that with impressive site activity and an increase in quality. Her return as official CEO of the website recently has seen a similar improvement in output and quality, bringing the website effectively back from the death.

Jodie has greatly enhanced her influence over the second half of the year, becoming a big player in the large army community. Her move between the websites effectively signified the end of Small/Medium Armies, while she boosted the quality and performance of CPA Central under her two short spells as Interim Manager and Chief Executive Officer. Jodie’s influence continues to rise and, for the first time, this manages to place her on the Person of the Year list for 2016.

– Kingfunks4, CP Army Legend, Former CPAC CEO

With Jodie leaving CPA Central, Tax1 is currently the only Chief Executive Officer running the site on his own. Goblinguy1 has also decided that he will be stepping down from his position on the CPAWM Board bringing his influence and career in CPAC to a conclusion.

Zing King To

CPA Central Executive Producer


  1. yeah no, we have a ceo who has no idea what hes doing (not even top ten calcs)

    we have zing who is a literal cancer to everything he touches

    nobody halfway decent on staff

    im calling it now, this is when the last shred of cpawm morals and standards dies. what little influence cpac held is dead.

    it was a fun road, but the journey is over now.

    may god help us all.

      1. Yep that’s him, Zoomey. The guy who couldn’t handle it, just as I predicted. One of the weakest CEO’s in terms of genuine ability haunted by the fact that he only got CEO because he sucked up and there was no one else.

        1. I didn’t suck up

          You weren’t around for my tenure, so your opinion about my term means nothing

          There was nobody else, despite you being on staff for a reason. You’re not as good as you think you are, and your disgusting personality will keep you from any real control of anything.

          You’re an ugly person.

          1. You didn’t suck up? Mate, you had your mouth suction cupped to peoples anuses half the time to try and get liked.

            I was around for the first bit of your tenure, I was kept updated during the rest of it – and I could see the lasting damage you caused after it.

            Maybe I’m not the greatest, but in terms of journalism – I’m worth ten of you. I understand site loyalty. Furthermore, I was able to turn the site that I led around – You pretty much killed it.

            Real control of anything? Good, because I’m more submissive in nature 😉

          2. who did I suck up to? the fact that you’re saying I sucked up means you’re either a complete idiot, or you have no idea what you’re talking about, you weren’t around during my term.

            I never cared about being liked by the community, or my staff. I did what I thought was just and what I thought would help CPAC.

            That’s the difference between you and me. Everything I did, I did for CPAC. Everyone you do, you do out of ego.

            You’re not as good as you think you are. You spam mediocre posts, you help site activity, which does have value, but you’re not worth more than anybody else & you’re not worth more than CPAC.

            You’re disgusting, Zing. The way you conduct yourself is disgusting.

          3. Who did you suck up to? Shall we start with the Bluesockwa Brothers? Maybe we should start with Zakster. or perhaps DrMatt. Oh I know, let’s start with me. You even attempted to suck my dick when you were trying to get made CEO constantly telling me how much you value my input!!

            You never cared about being liked by the community? Now I disagree. This pathetic troll act that you’ve got going on simply fools no one. You’re desperate to be accepted when in reality you are nothing more than a poor mans Bam. Literally, that is how I see you. A dollar store rip off of Bam.

            You can’t say that everything you did for CPAC was to help CPAC and then say you didn’t want to be liked by the community. CPAC is the community. The biggest failure of CPAC is the belief that they are some big god-like being in the community – CPAC is a damn news site. You work for the community. You’ve got to genuinely care about the community to be successful in this job, you didn’t – and as a result – you failed as a CEO.

            “Everyone you do, you do out of ego” Nice spelling mistake man. I’m assuming you meant to say “everything?” Aside from perhaps Mach, you are the most ego-centric person to ever have control of CPA Central. I have an ego, but I don’t let it get in the way of my professional acts on this site. Never have, never will. Everything you did, from the failure that was the Army Council to your rigging of tournaments – it was to try and build up some gobshite legacy for yourself. You want to know what you’re really remembered for? Being the guy who came in at the start of 2016 with his hand held and then as soon as they let go – he fell. No – he choked.

            Mediocre posts? Sorry but can you get a five star article out of a Lord Pain essay, or two armies that max 7 going to war and declaring each other to be invalid? I do the best with what I’ve got and I do a great job of that. I don’t need you or anyone else to tell me what a great job I do because I can assess my performance by using the sense of sight and what I see – is a site that does well when I’m actively posting upon it.

            I absolutely adore the fact that you feel forced to resort to insults whenever you and I talk. I don’t need to insult you Gobby, your failures, committed by none other than yourself, does that for me. Please continue to call me all the names under the sun Gobby for it changes nothing.

            You will always be the CEO who just couldn’t handle it.

  2. like you literally do not trash a comment just because the contents of the comment are anti-cpac. thats rpf 2013 level bad. only reasonable reason to trash a comment is if it reveals personal information about another player.

    id put my money on zing doing it tbh

  3. Sad to hear it, believe it or not, working for Jodie was a privilege and I know I’m shit at writing but believe it or not, I was worse before Jodie helped me more then you could believe. Thanks Jodie for giving me a chance at writing and teaching me how to write better and cope with my dyslexia! Gonna miss you 🙁

  4. I think Bam should be CPA Central CEO. Bam is the first Syrian refugee to ever lead an army, and he has accomplished many accomplishments. He has lead the Doritos and other armies, the list could really go on. For someone on the spectrum, he has really defied all odds and done something only about two thirds of all autistic people have the capability of doing. I once was feeling really upset about something and then Bam demonstrated how much worse my life could be and I instantly felt better. Bamr goes above and beyond because unlike other leaders who have the maturity of an 8 year old, Bam also has achieved the intellect of an 8 year old, an ability that allows him to talk to his troops on a peer to peer basis.

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