CPAC Special Report: An In-Depth Look at Current Bot Raiding Saga

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – With the new year well under way, it seems that community members simply have not learnt from past experiences about the negative affects of bot use in the community. This comes following several back and forth allegations between armies in regards to a current Bot Raiding Saga.

The Rebel Penguin Federation and the Night Warriors have been engaged in quite the battle recently – however this fighting has not took place on Club Penguin, rather on the media platforms of WordPress Blogs, XAT chat and communication server, Discord. This has all been done in an attempt to get to the bottom of who exactly has been botting several army events as of late.

In the course of the last couple of weeks, several names have been thrown around such as Purple Republic, Tobercold, Mach, Bounce, Chip, Epic Master and Xxtoysoldier. Before getting into the evidence of our own community members, I find it first important to see if there is any Purple Republic involvement here and if so, what involvement that is.

The confusion as to whether the Purple Republic are back comes following comments from SneakyHawk on a discord server in which he claims that Purple Republic is dead and that he would be forming his own group, Purple Strength. Purple Strength also operates on steam and has reported that they have over one hundred bots.

SneakyHawk comments on the current state of Purple Republic.
SneakyHawk comments on the current state of Purple Republic.

Purple Strength’s show of power came when SneakyHawk logged onto Club Penguin attempting to recruit a CPA Central Reporter, Sh80532 to join the army. According to him, he states that SneakyHawk removed the offer upon finding out that Sh is Night Warrior’s leader.

The user is also alleged to have said that they work for the Rebel Penguin Federation. While this status of working for RPF appears unlikely considering the use of the word “all” implying the army community as a whole, it can not be ruled out. Despite Sh’s status as a CPA Central staff member, we also can not take his word for it due to his conflict of interest as a Night Warriors leader – hardly a reliable source. As of yet, Sh has yet to provide photographic evidence of SneakyHawk claiming to work for RPF.

Screenshot taken of a comment posted on the Purple Republic website.
Screenshot taken of a comment posted on the Purple Republic website.

Above is a screenshot provided to me by CPA Central reporter, Sh from the Purple Republic blog. It shows SneakyHawk publishing a persuasive comment attempting to get Purple Republic alumni to join the Purple Strength group. This further supports the notion that they are two separate entities and that Purple Strength is a secondary faction that has emerged from within the original PR group.

In a manner inconsistent with Purple Republic behaviour, SneakyHawk has seemingly used Discord as a preferred means of communication. The Purple Republic are known for their defiance of CP Army norms as can be seen with them outlawing XAT chats in favour of Steam. Why Purple Republic would break this habit is yet unknown further raising suspicions to how involved Purple Republic and Purple Strength actually are together.

I always have been a troll and liked to make people mad or show any emotion at all. I like to see peoples reaction to things. No one in our group wants to coordinate a time or place, they just say any time. I’m not sure what CPA is. I am new to this bot raiding thing.

– PikaLenny, bot raider online Purple Strength discord chat talks to CPA Reporter, Sh.

The above comments are also not those of a Purple Republic member. The Purple Republic have, for many years, had an 18+ rule not willing to be associated with the conventional noob or have children among their ranks. Furthermore, giving an interview is not typical Purple Republic style – unless of course with the spamming of Understand x4 and Praise Shalom.

Upon speaking to several troops upon the Rebel Penguin Federation chat, I asked what evidence they had, if any, that Purple Republic had actually returned. I was given the link to the official Steam Community page for the Purple Republic which, in terms of popular discussions, has been rather bland and inactive.

Screenshot of the most recent comments on the Purple Republic page.
Screenshot of the most recent comments on the Purple Republic page.

Several users have quoted the above picture to me as a means of proving that the Purple Republic have returned. Unfortunately, I only see one person commenting in regular intervals on the page attempting to drum up support from the Purple Republic.

This could support the theory that while SneakyHawk was a Purple Republic member in his time of the army being active, he’s now attempting to build his own purple botting faction, Purple Strength while simply leeching off Purple Republic in an attempt to appear more historic and threatening.



When I asked the user, Perry for some type of proof that the Purple Republic are indeed back, Perry informed me that he talks on Skype, a popular messaging and communication software, with the creator of the Purple Republic, Vio. This implied that Vio has actually informed Perry that the Purple Republic are indeed back but Perry has yet to surrender any proof of this Skype conversation taking place.

It’s now been confirmed that the user SneakyHawk is a former Light Troops member, 12sss. He apparently had a fixation for the Purple Republic being in LT at the time of their creation which has led to his desire to raid now. It is still, at this moment unknown whether 12sss actually has the authority to bring back the Purple Republic or if he is simply attempting to live off their success creating the Purple Strength as a rather ‘poor mans version’.

Things have become even more confusing now as two new botters have come to light. The names of these two mysterious people are “Sharktank” and “Joffery.” The Night Warriors believe these two people to be Bounce and Chip, but as you can probably expect – this has been denied in full by both men. For this reason, CPA Central is going to break down all the evidence put forward for this by the Night Warriors, and in turn assess the defence that the RPF have provided.

January 16, 2017 saw Xxtoysoldier take to the Night Warriors blog to make a post entitled ‘I’m Just Saying’ in which he spoke about Chip’s guilt in the post. The post also featured comments from Badboy – also a Night Warriors leader. The following day, Chip took to the RPF blog to make a post entitled “NW Exposes Themselves [Fail Frame Attempt] in which he attempted to counter every single claim that the Night Warriors made.


You know what I find VERY interesting? That in every single army (INCLUDING RPF) that I’ve led over the past year, Sharktank has magically showed up with his pal “Joffrey” and consistently raided my armies while trying to “expose” me for multilogging. Not to mention the fact that after I was done leading IW, “Joffrey” tried to get Trader and I banned from CPA so we could stop joining armies who would be top contenders. Everywhere I led over the summer, (RPF/IW), we got raided by Sharktank. Want to know why? Because we were the only armies who gave WV competition. Guess who was in WV, Chip! Now I had a nice conversation with Sharktank yesterday where he said hes raiding NW because of me and suspects that I’m multilogging, which was the same thing he told me when I asked him why he was raiding RPF and IW.

– Badboy talks about the bot raids that have followed him around the community.

In the above paragraph, Badboy mentioned that the affair with Joffrey and Sharktank is not a new thing claiming that they have constantly raided Badboy’s armies over the past calendar year and made several attempts to expose him. Badboy clearly believes that the reason for the summer raids was because he was one of the only leaders involved with an army giving the Water Vikings any competition. He uses this to support his claim that Chip is Sharktank as Chip was involved with the Water Vikings and would therefore have a motive to bot.

Chip first claimed, through the means of sarcasm, that he is not the only person in the community’s history who does not like Badboy. Badboy has proven time and time again to be a controversial figure to say the least and has indeed got more enemies than just Chip. Interestingly, Chip made no attempt to deny the fact that Badboy has been followed but appears to allude to the fact that it is his own fault for being such an unlikable person.

Secondly, Chip claims that he had no need to bot raid Badboy in an effort to prove his multilogging as he could have simply exposed him anyway and in some cases, Chip believes he successfully did so.

Now because NW returned and I’m leading it, Chip knows we’re the only ones who can contend with RPF so hes raiding us to prevent us from rising. You may be wondering why Sharktank didn’t raid DCP the last month after Mustapha was couped. That’s ONLY because Chip is friends with 13yearoldn00b and even convinced him to coup me from DCP, so the bot raiding wasn’t needed for him to get what he wanted. So today Sharktank claimed that he “knows Chip and Jack” (Jack was also in WV) and that he hates NW and loves RPF, yet he didn’t seem to love RPF when he raided us over the summer when I led to keep us from competing with WV?? Wat? Exposed.

– Badboy continues to recall his opinions on the recent bot raids.

Badboy also stated that the second user, Joffrey made attempts to get Badboy banned from the Club Penguin Army Community. Chip decided to use this to his advantage as a means of defending himself claiming that he actually voted against banning Badboy from the army community – something that he sighted former CPA Central Chief Executive Officer, Gobby as being witness to. Chip therefore presents the idea that he and Joffrey have actually disagreed in the past in regards to matters such as Badboy’s termination from the community so in his mind, that means it can’t be him.

While Badboy’s post mentioned how he was the victim of Sharktank and Joffrey’s botting antics, Chip has pointed out how Badboy failed to mention he wasn’t the only victim. While Badboy claimed that the bots were a personal attack following him around, Chip reminded him how armies that he had nothing to do with – such as Nachos, ACP and Smart Penguins – also were the victim of raids by the duo.

Chip also mentioned how the Water Vikings themselves were indeed raided by Joffrey “once or twice.” Chip’s reasoning for making this claim is to try to get across the question of why he would raid the army in which he was affiliated to. He also provided proof in the form of a screenshot of Vivek, Smart Penguins owner recalling that Joffrey did indeed bot raid them as well.

Badboy went on in his post to suggest that Chip did not raid the Doritos of Club Penguin due to his backstage role in trying to get Badboy removed from the army following Mustapha’s coup. Chip’s defence here was that there was indeed a one month period in which no discussion of removing Badboy took place. Chip therefore goes on to question why he would not have raided the Doritos of Club Penguin in that one month period. Badboy continued to mention how Chip and DCP Leader, 13yearoldnoob are above all else, friends.

The post on Night Warriors blog then linked several screenshots of Sharktank talking on the XAT communication platform. Sharktank was not logged in on XAT despite having an account – something pointed out by Chip.




As of this moment, the only thing that is confirmed is that Chip does indeed know the identity of both Joffrey and Sharktank. While he still claims it is not him, he does not deny that he knows claiming that Jack also knows. This does however beg the question as to why, according to Chip’s original statement, the duo would raid the Water Vikings if the leadership was keeping their secret? Chip also stated that if he was indeed the botter, he would not incriminate himself giving the answers that Sharktank gave giving the impression that Chip feels the need to go on the defensive following the unknown botters remarks.

The actual user on Club Penguin who controls the bots is a user called ‘Lolbrowhat’ and this is apparently Sharktank. Badboy has denied this claim for a matter of months now despite there being evidence of it. Firstly, the name “Sharktank” was not associated with a Club Penguin account at the time of his raids beginning. Secondly, Sharktank’s official website in which he posted screenshots of CP, you can clearly see the screenshots are provided by the user “Lolbrowhat”.

While Badboy is claiming that the bots are Chip’s this was not always the stance. Back when he was in the Doritos of Club Penguin, he claimed that the bots were indeed UMA multilogs controlled by former CPA Central Chief Executive Officer, Machado. Other DCP Leader, Jester however had a different idea believing that the botter was actually Sprite. The accusations against both Sprite and Mach have appeared to have died down now in favour of accusing Chip and Bounce.


Badboy has since claimed that Sharktank has a Club Penguin account named Sharktank and that lolbrowhat is a completely different person – two things that seem very unlikely given the proof that Chip has provided. Chip asked Night Warriors leader, Taco for the exact name of the bot raider as Sharktank was apparently not online. The name in which Taco gave Chip was “Joff CP”. Weirdly enough, despite Taco not knowing about it, he made a grammatical error putting a space in between “joff” and “CP”, however despite this – Chip somehow knew that the users name was joffcp with no space.

While that could be some strange coincidence, it seems weird why Chip was asking for the name of the botter if he already knew the name and exactly how it was grammatically formed on Club Penguin, without a space. Following the use of a Player Info generator, Chip found that Joffcp was a fairly new penguin only recently joining Club Penguin.


The above messages are from discord which Chip points out have been cropped down to size for as of right now, an undisclosed reason. Chip has gone on record to suspect the reason for this is that this is not actually Sharktank talking and is in fact Badboy talking to himself.

The discord messages later talk about raiding Club Penguin in which Chip states that he simply would not want to do this on account of it being detrimental to his recruiting ability as potential new troops would not be able to see the recruiting lines of RPF in the event of a bot attack.


All of a sudden, the post about Bot Raiding then faded into one of IP grabbing and ddosing. Chip has now accused Xxtoysoldier of attempting to IP grab him via skype.

Yesterday, Toy called me and as soon as I was about to answer, he hung up. I called back and asked him what he needed, he said nothing. Obvious IP grab attempt! I was hit offline at around 8:36 pm eastern too, (When NW had their event).

– Chip comments on Xxtoysoldier’s suspected IP Grabbing attempt.

A typical practice to try and expose botting within the community has been waiting for the bots to come online and then hitting the suspected botter with a denial of service attack. This temporarily deactivates their internet connection which would mean that both they and the bots would go offline at the same time. Chip believes that this is the strategy that the Night Warriors attempted to implement at the time of their event yesterday.

The event went on raided despite Chip not having a good internet signal due to the apparent attack. Chip claimed that this was the Night Warrior’s reason for electing not to post the event online their blog.


I decided I’d get an interview with Xxtoysoldier to provide him with a platform in which he can respond to a few of the allegations that Chip recently made in his most recent post. I asked Toysoldier about the things such as the ddosing claims as well as his thoughts on the botting from Purple Strength and Sharktank/Joffrey.

Chip has accused you of ddosing and IP grabbing him via skype, do you deny this?

We had a conversation, I did grab his IP but I never hit him offline. His “proof” of being hit offline too was laughable. ( for entire conversation btw.

Are your current issues with Chip, or with the Rebel Penguin Federation as a whole?

Nothing should be held against the entirety of RPF, and I say that because we’re both being bot raided and unable to host actual events but when I have strong evidence that suggests one of their own people are perpetrating attacks against NW, it makes me curious but Chip and I are really on the same page right now and don’t have anything against each other.

To make sure our readers are clear, please confirm who you believe to operate the ‘SneakyHawk’, ‘Lolbrowhat’ and ‘JoffCP’ accounts?

Sneakyhawk: A 10-year-old who uses “XD” unironically, should be disregarded.

Lolbrowhat: No idea who lolbrowhat is, but people talked about him on the PR discord.

Joffcp: Sharktank apparently, and sharktank is most likely someone who was or is affiliated with RPF (we believe it was Chip)

What do you think the next logical step should be given current events?

For the time being, I suggest we use a CPPS of some sort because every top 3 army is completely unable to host events without having them ruined.

As you can see from the above interview, Xxtoysoldier was surprisingly open about IP Grabbing Chip – something I didn’t expect. He still denies the claims of a ddos attack giving us the link to an exclusive full version of the chat between himself and Chip. He still doesn’t believe that “lolbrowhat” is the account of Sharktank – who he still believes to be Chip. The Purple Strength movement, led by SneakyHawk appears to be regarded as a non-factor by Xxtoysoldier who showed no signs of concern. Interestingly, NW and RPF appear to remain on good terms with the exception of Chip which could rule out the possibility of a war, not that one could effectively happen regardless due to the bot attacks.

What do YOU think? Are Purple Republic back, or is Sneakyhawk just pushing his luck? Is Chip the man behind ‘Sharktank’? Comment YOUR opinions and let us know.

Zing King To

CPA Central Executive Producer


  1. I never said sharktank had a CP account named sharktank nor did I ever deny his penguin being lolbrowhat, however due to the amount of raiding he had initially did over the summer, lolbrowhat obviously eventually got banned. Sharktank/chip stopped using the UMA multilogs to raid with once he realized you can just log them off due to the passwords being public. Chip has OBVIOUSLY gotten VERY defensive over this situation which leads a lot to believe something is up

      1. ok so what does that have to do with anything, who cares if that was his penguin or not, it got banned and now you/sharktank are using whatever penguin to raid NW with, you’re right, liars always mess up, which is how I’ve exposed you millions of times for lying whether it be about multilogging or botting. You aren’t so slick, pal

      1. Lol nice big talk right there, Taco. You said it on NW chat, you blind memories. Look who’s talking, saying “disability” and “can’t use brain” fully. Well guess what? I do have a brain and l am smart. I saw what you said on NW chat, so you basically said it – about the bots and stuff.

  2. The raider just wants publicity and to feel powerful, he’s working for no one, but himself. He’ll end up getting bored, like all raiders do, it’s just how long he continues that’s the question.

  3. I’m sure even NW knows that I’m innocent deep down. Also, you forgot to cover my proof on Toysoldier associating with the bot raider. He admitted to me that he was indeed Camel on skype, but said he just joked around about helping bot raid just so he can get the penguin generator.
    On the other hand, why would Toy IP grab me and not hit me offline? Why would I be AWARE that he ip grabbed me, and still raid them?, (granted that I was actually Sharktank)
    NW’s so called concrete proof is LITERALLY a null talking claiming to be Sharktank and just a bunch of taken out of context speculations, which we all know isn’t considered proof. Does that mean I can make a discord account on and bring on a null and say “I, toysoldier, am sharktank” screenshot it, post it on RPF, and have it covered as legitimate proof? That’s ridiculous!
    I will not tell anyone who Sharktank nor Joffrey are because I’ve known them since 2012-2013 and we’re very close friends. Their reasoning towards bot raiding WV while I was in it will remain confidential. Not to mention that Joffrey even has a DOX on me and released a bit of information too, but that’s all cleared up now.
    Just to be clear, I have never asked Sharktank nor Joffrey to target any army, what they have done is based on what they want to do. Also, I can confirm that Sharktank nor Joffrey have been on for months.
    In response to Badboy’s statement of “if chip is innocent why is he getting so defensive” – Would you not try to counter the accusations if someone called you a bot raider when you were innocent? It’s like me saying you murdered someone, and even though you’re innocent, would you not try to counter the claims? Complete moron.

    Now, who do you believe? Badboy, who posted speculations (not proof), and screenshots of a null talking, or me, who got the confession of Toysoldier, countered every accusation thoroughly, and pointed out the speculations Badboy mentioned but did not tell the full story. Not too hard of a question.. lol

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