Christmas Chaos VI: Doritos Emerge Victorious

KLONDIKE, CPA Central HQ – We here at CPAC work as hard as we can to reach our readers and tell them everything about armies. Welcome to my post, I managed to interview the CPA Central’s Christmas Chaos VI winner to know more about how they feel about winning the Christmas Chaos VI, and becoming the champions.

On 24th of December, 2016, CP Army Community found out there Christmas Chaos Champion. The army that came out to be standing above in this Tournament were the Doritos. The Christmas Chaos finals ended in a  really unexpected way. The Rebel Penguin Federation hushed the judge itself which led then into a mass number of lockouts. Due to the 5 minutes rule, and RPF not entering the room within 5 minutes, DCP had an auto win. Doritos leader, – made a post on Doritos website about their victory which can be read below:


Today we logged on for the hugely built up & intense Christmas Chaos Finals. We were ready for the battle with over 61 people on chat and two pools. We expected to come out victorious and we expected to come against a big army and have an intense battle. Things turned out differently than we thought. We entered the Mine as fast as we could outnumbering the Rebels by at least 30 penguins at the time. The Rebels had hushed the Gamesmaster causing them to lose what room to enter. The Rebels then retreated from the room, giving us, the Doritos, the Auto-Win & Automatic Victory. Today we made history, Just one month ago this army was completely fake under Mustapha10, and after Bad & 13 cleansed it, we’re now holding the trophy of the Biggest battle of the year. Who would’ve imagined this moment…. It’s truly amazing. I’d like to thank every Dorito Troop & everyone else who took part in this battle. If it wasn’t for every Dorito at this battle we wouldn’t have succeeded. As for my resignation, I will not be resigning for nothing but I came in with nothing and left victorious. Truly I was blessed by the Doritos Army, and I personally thank each and every one of you for this. A surprise is in store for the whole community soon.

The Dorito army maxed sizes of 50+.

CPA Central’s Christmas Chaos VI Finals recap can be found here

In the event of this great year ending, and Doritos winning the Christmas Chaos, CPAC decided to take views on the Doritos Army. We interviewed Doritos Main Leader, Tax1. The interview can be read below:

Interview with Tax, Doritos Leader

CPAC:  How do you feel about winning the Tournament?

Tax: This tournament was something the Doritos have worked hard for since Day 1, we have never won a Tournament in history and it is truly a blessing we have won today again the Rebel Penguin Federation. We truly made WWe proud and prove we could function without Mustapha.

CPAC:  In a very unexpected turn of events, did you ever imagine that DCP would ever win, considering this is the Doritos first tournament win?

Tax: I believed, against all the odds, against all the hate, against all the doubts, I belived that the Doritos has a chance to win, we pulled through all the hard work and grit everyone contributed to.

CPAC:  What plans does DCP have now?

Tax: The Doritos have plans to strive to be the best, the #1 Army, and I belive we can accomplish that.

CPAC:  What would you like to say to RPF?

Tax: Elmikey I love you

CPAC:  How prepared was DCP for this tournament?

Tax: Doritos were more than prepares when the time came, we’ve been made for this.

CPAC:  If the ‘five minutes no show’ issue didn’t take place, do you think RPF would’ve won?

Tax: The Doritos were massive, we has everything, we would still put up a fight considering we won the room as well

CPAC:  Any last comment??

Tax: This is far from over

As you can tell, Tax is quite shocked about how easily Doritos won. It is shocking of course, we all were expecting a long 1 hour battle with overtime that wouldn’t come out as a tie, but that didn’t happen. The finals ended within minutes of room announcing.

What do YOU think? How were the finals? If five minutes case wouldn’t have occurred, could RPF win? How do you feel about the finals? We need your opinion!


CPA Central Reporter


  1. Why didn’t CPAC tell us the room when the hush was over?
    RPF was never told the room by CPAC.
    RPF not being told the room should be the cause for rematch.

    We didn’t know where to even after the hush ended. We
    Why wasn’t there a re-do if the judge couldn’t announce the room?
    Or a re-schedule?
    Why didn’t the judge/gamesmaster tell us the room when the hush ended?

    I learned there was a decision to vote on a rematch. Then that decision was undone. What influenced this? RPF has a lot of questions. I am not complaining. I am not alone. We seek the truth.

    1. I dispute the results of this tournament.
      Reason: Gamemaster Error

      The RPF received no message from any judge or gamemaster of the battle room. We did not know where to go for over 5 minutes resulting in DCP filling up the room and an RPF disqualification.

      1. Had RPF not made the decision to hush the judge, you would have received the message. Hardly our fault. You weren’t disqualified for that, you we’re disqualified for calling a regroup and leaving the room, something the community voted to be banned in the Spring. Would RPF like to dispute the entire community?

      1. At :59 Sammie told RPF to hush the chat. We didn’t know the proper bot command. Chat didn’t even need hushed, we didn’t do that any other round… We should of been told via CPAC post that hush was necessary therefore we could of been better prepared.

        Sammie got hushed and RPF waited for the hush to end so Sammie could be able to tell us the room. At least we’d be able to get a few RPF in the room if they only got a minute head start?

        The minute hush ends. Sammie never tells us the room, and was unresponsive for over well over 5 minutes.

        The RPF did not know where to go.

        RPF regroups in the Town and waits for the next room

        Sammie became responsive at about :10 Sammie enters RPF chat and said “cya in March Madness” and left.

        We thought she was going to announce a re-do or at least the next room. Nope. She says “Cya in March Madness” and left. We didn’t even know what she meant by that at first.We are very surprised by CPAC’s actions today. I have no further comment.

    2. 1. I was hushed.
      2. I announced the room straight after the hush was over. About 10 RPF entered the room.
      3. I never asked for the chat to be hushed in the first place so stop spreading lies.
      4. In the future, we will announce the room on CPAC chat as well as the army chats in case a situation like this arises again.

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