Champions Cup V: Day Three Recap

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – As the Champions Cup V moves into the second weekend of the group stage, the stakes are now raised; armies with no points will need to win or draw this weekend in order to remain competitive. 

Group A

Night Rebels vs Army Republic 

The second weekend of this prestigious tournament opened with the Night Rebels taking on the Army Republic. The Night Rebels logged onto the Klondike with a massive size of 22. Unfortunately, the Army Republic failed to show up within the first 5 minutes which gives the Night Rebels a victory and they add 3 points to their group score.

Blue Troops vs Kings of CP

The second battle was rather lifeless. The Blue Troops only logged on with two troops whilst the Kings failed to show up. After 5 minutes passed, the Blue Troops were handed the victory and earned their first points after a defeat last weekend.


  1. Night Rebels: 6 pts
  2. Blue Troops: 3 pts
  3. Army Republic: 0 pts
  4. Kings of CP: 0 pts

Group B

Rebel Penguin Federation vs Penguin Army Force

The Rebel Penguin Federation and Penguin Army Force clashed in the biggest battle of the day. The two armies entered the Stadium, and RPF, wearing red for this battle, formed a plus and did E+8. Meanwhile, PAF grouped up in the corner of the room, responding to RPF with E+T. After doing E+C, RPF troops moved into a diagonal line to avoid being pelted by PAF’s snowballs. PAF was heavily outnumbered by RPF, maxing 6 compared to RPF’s 15. The battle moved to the Ice Berg, where both sides formed a vertical line. They continued battling until the 20 minutes was over, when the judges decided in a 2-0 vote that RPF had won and earned 3 more points.

Golds vs The Great British Army

In the last battle of the day, the Golds made an attempt to get another win in the books, this time against the Great British Army. TGBA only showed up with one troop, so the Golds took the victory with their 6.


  1. Rebel Penguin Federation: 6 pts
  2. Golds: 6 pts
  3. Penguin Army Force: 0 pts
  4. The Great British Army: 0 pts


The tournament continues tomorrow with battles for Groups C and D. Thank you to all armies who attended the battles today!

Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central CEO


CPA Central Reporter


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