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KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Headquarters – After the release of the post “An Outsider’s Opinion on Club Penguin Armies”  I decided to make something similar. Instead of focusing on xat users though I decided to focus on Club Penguin Bloggers, because they play the game which our warfare is on and their opinions represent the majority of CP Players.

CP Bloggers have always been affecting CP Armies. One good example is Watex who made the Watex Warriors, one of the strongest armies CPA has ever seen. In a tiny amount of time he managed to get an enormous amount of troops join his army, many of which joined another armies after WW’s closure and benefited the community as whole. Another example is the famous blogger and owner of the biggest CP tracking chat ever, Riffy8888. He created Tacos, an army which exists even to this date, bringing a lot of people in CP Armies.

Watex Warriors in their first ever event.

What do today’s CP Bloggers think of CP Armies though? I asked some of the most famous ones to find out. The first one was Trainman1405, who owns the blog clubpenguinmemories.com.

Interview with the famous CP Blogger, Trainman1405

CPAC: What is your opinion about CP Armies?

Trainman1405: I have no opinions on Club Penguin armies. I’m neutral with them. The only armies I dislike are the ones that use bots to advertise.

CPAC: Have you ever been in a CP Army or had any affiliation with them?

Trainman1405:  Nope, never.

CPAC:  What is your opinion about the people in CP Armies?

Trainman1405: Again, no opinion.

CPAC: Do you have anything to say to our readers?

Trainman1405: Thanks for keeping Club Penguin safe!


As we can see Trainman has mixed feelings on CP armies. On the one hand he supports them for keeping Club Penguin Safe and on the other hand he is against on use of bots. The next blogger I had the chance to get an interview of is Riyita. She is famous for running the successful CP blog called clubpenguinspace.com.

Interview with the famous CP Blogger, Riyita

CPAC: What is your opinion about CP Armies?

Riyita: I used to think armies were a neat little idea, but more recently I do not support most unfortunately. The main reason is that most armies use autotyper bots in-game to spam advertise the army, which is a huge annoyance to the user.

CPAC: Have you ever been in a CP Army or had any affiliation with them?

Riyita:  Nope.

CPAC:  What is your opinion about the people in CP Armies?

Riyita: I don’t personally know anybody in an army, so I don’t have an opinion.

CPAC: Do you have anything to say to our readers?

Riyita: I’d say if you want to join an army, or even make your own, that’s great! Just don’t use bots.


Riyita seems to have the same opinions as Trainman, which means she supports CP Armies as an idea but she is against the use of bots for recruiting. The last blogger I had the chance to interview is King Boo8884. He is the owner of the CP blog named tkcpcheats.com.

Interview with the famous CP Blogger, King Boo8884

CPAC: What is your opinion about CP Armies?

King Boo8884: I think CP Armies are a great way to get a community together. Some will view it as a bad thing however, it does more positive things than bad. The fact you can unify all these people to join an army is quite incredible and I applaud all armies for being able to do that. I warn all CP armies using bots that you need to stop advertising on CP with them. It’s not right and hurts the game of Club Penguin. That is the only bad thing I really have to say about armies.

CPAC: Have you ever been in a CP Army or had any affiliation with them?

King Boo8884: I have tried armies before, but I’m extremely busy with my website that I really have no time to be on an army.

CPAC:  What is your opinion about the people in CP Armies?

King Boo8884: People in CP Armies are great. People outside of Club Penguin participate in all kinds of activities. You could just do plain Twitter, or graphic designer, blog, YouTube, etc. An army is another way for this community to get involved like all the activities I listed. It’s a great way to get involved too! But I can’t stress this enough, CP Armies need to stop advertising their armies on Club Penguin with bots. You have Twitter and your websites to advertise.

CPAC: Do you have anything to say to our readers?

King Boo8884: The one message I have is keep doing what you love. These CP Armies are great and DO NOT let other people take away from that.


King boo8884, even though being probably the less well-known from the bloggers I had the chance interview, gave me the most interesting answers. He says that CP Armies are great in many ways. He also says that he has been part of one and he would still be if blogging didn’t take him that much time. Lastly, he also says that he is against the use of bots, something that the other bloggers stated as well.

What are your thoughts on those interviews? Do you support the use of bots, or did this article change your opinion on them? Share the thoughts YOU have below!


CPA Central Reporter


  1. Here’s a question for the bloggers. How in the gosh darn world can you get people into armies without using bots to tell them? Unless Disney or Club Penguin did a sudden change of pace and supported cp armies and pointed everyone to them, there is almost no good way (and using bots is barely ok these days) to get people into your army with them having no former experience.

    1. Club penguin “bots” only started existing in around 2015. Before that was the autotyping method, which only became popular in 2013. Club Penguin armies had existed absolutely fine for a full 7 years and then some before any of that ever came into play. Club Penguin armies were fine beforehand. Bot recruiting is the result of everyone trying to outdo each other. If we were to stop altogether, Club Penguin armies would not die. It would take a bit of adapting, but there are other methods of recruiting.

    2. Yeah see the problem there is that armies existed for years before bots. We would stand around with our friends and yell our armies names in packed areas, and it worked. Now with those who use bots it has banned most of the names.

      Really, in a effort to become the biggest, the Botters and Autotypers may have doomed this community to a slow death.

      I’ve said multiple times that the non-army CP community is indifferent to us best case, to downright hating us worst case.

      We did just fine before bots, were even in the armies hayday, and then some ambition driven a**hole decided it would be a good idea to use bots and promptly start getting people who would be in armies banned just for recruiting because of it.

      You want to know how to recruit people in armies? Look at old posts on ACP’s site or another old site. You put in the work, instead of going the lazy route.

      Maybe we’d still be in a golden age if whoever started the trend of using bots did not try to get the edge over other armies by taking the easy way out.

      Because somebody wanted to be lazy the entire army community has been screwed over, as many army name acronyms will not be shown when you press “enter” on the cp chat bar after typing them.

      It really is a shame.

      1. Here is what I am trying to say. We already dug this deep hole, and it’s too late to turn back. Unless some 3rd party kids/tween/teen site suddenly becomes the perfect place, we are stuck with this bunch of crap because it’s become a habit.

        1. Not really, its like coming clean from being addicted to a drug; it’ll hurt, but eventually we could become stronger and better then before.

          But you’re right, in reality, people would rather take the easy way out, and at this point, those who have used autotypers and bots/continue to do so, have more then likely doomed this community to a painfully slow death.

          As far as I know, for the community gets maybe 1 new person to the CP army world, for every FOUR/FIVE we (as a community in general) used to get in our heyday.

          The community used to have hundreds of people in it, now? I’d say little more then 200 or so.

          But yeah, its a shame how a community that brought so many together, may actually crumble due to the extremely misguided ambition of certain army leaders.

          But even as I say this, people still do it and will do it.

          It WILL get to the point where leaders who should have retired a couple years ago, are trying to preserve a legacy that just cannot go on without being on life support, (Or “Legend Support”, see what I did there lmao) and are eventually going to have to focus on their own lives, rather then preserve a internet gathering of teens from across the globe.

          In the end regardless of how many times I harp on this, I doubt anyone will care or do anything. But that does not mean I won’t watch it’s downfall, I’m the equivalent of the crazy old guy who talks about the world ending that nobody ever listens to.

          Worst comes to worst, at least this community helped alot of kids through their teenage years, and that makes it a successful community in my book, regardless of what happens.

          Heck, thanks to CP Armies and their insistence on proper grammar and spelling, I’m actually in the process of writing a book with help from a family member who works as a editor/publisher, and I feel like I’d have way more trouble writing it without spending time in this community. I’ve always wanted to be an author, and CP Armies have made this goal alot easier.

          I hope the community can find a way out of this mess.

  2. The thing is, as much as bot recruiting is an issue that needs to be fixed, it’s not like we have many other options. The use of social media is great except for the fact that people on social media dont nessacerily enjoy the game or have any interest in joining the armies whatsoever. Before the use of xat chats became popular amongst armies we’d meet up on cp but it’s difficult to communicate that way due to club penguins massive line blocking and banning sprees.

  3. I love this post. I ensure you that you should give a try and interview Monchocho as well, l can actually contact him for this too. But l really love this post overall, that it shows how popular the club penguin are, really. The bots are annoying and not fun, making some people complain and quit.

    1. Thanks for your good words for my post. The problem with Monchocho was that he has quitted blogging and he is unreachable on twitter, so I couldn’t find a way to get an interview from him.

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