March Madness IV: Final Four Recap

Klondike, CP Army Central Headquarters- After three incredible battles filled with tremendous sizes and surprises, the tournament is now down to three armies who will compete in a three-way championship.



Battle One- Army of Club Penguin vs. Army Republic


As the start of the battle approached, both the Army of Club Penguin and Army Republic had reached sizes of 30+ on chat. As both armies emerged into the mine shack, AR quickly formed in a circle formation while ACP started forming a line inside the circle. The battle quickly went in Army Republic’s favor as they had an advantage in size and tactics; however, ACP regained their footing and created a much closer battle. As the berg was too close to call, both armies moved their forces over to the berg which would end up being the deciding factor for the judges.

Following bombs from both armies, Army Republic quickly got into an L formation while ACP chose to create a half circle around the berg. As the sizes between both armies were about the same, the judges turned their attention to the tactics portion of the judging. As Army Republic was hitting consistent and fast tactics, AR edged out the Army of Club Penguin at the berg. With that said, the judges decided in a 5-0 vote that AR were victors of the battle.

Winner- Army Republic


Battle Two- Night Warriors vs. Rebel Penguin Federation


As the second battle of the day, the Rebel Penguin Federation was matched against the Night Warriors. With NW in blue for the battle, the first battle room was announced as the forest. While both armies moved their respective army into the forest, RPF settled for a backwards L; on the other hand, NW circled the entire forest. NW hit sizes of up to 25+ on CP while RPF had slightly smaller sizes of 20. At the :45 mark, the battle room was moved over to the ski village.

At the ski village, the Night Warriors started to gain dominance over the Rebel Penguin Federation. As the Night Warrior forces circled the ski village, RPF was quickly surrounded by the enemy and had a difficult time of getting into formation. With the dominance in size and tactics at the ski village, the judges voted in a 5-0 vote that the Night Warriors were victors of the battle.

Winner- Night Warriors


Battle Three- Nachos vs. Ice Hounds vs. Night Rebels 


As the final battle of the day, the Redemption Round would feature both the Night Rebels and Nachos as the Ice Hounds declined due to it being Easter. The victor of this battle would go on to face the Night Warriors and the Army Republic. With that said, the battle commenced at the cove in which the Nachos hit sizes up to 30+, while the Night Rebels had 20-23 on Club Penguin. As the Nachos formed into a T, the Nachos quickly dominated the Night Rebels who were overmatched.

At the half-way point, both armies rushed into the berg. The Nachos quickly got into a X formation while the Night Rebels were having a difficult time adjusting into a formation. As the Nachos were nearly doubling the Night Rebels in size, the outcome of the battle was reached fairly quickly. In a 4-1 vote, the Nachos had won and create a three-way final with the Night Warriors and Army Republic.

Winner- Nachos


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