Tensions Rise Between Doritos And Underground Mafias Army

SUMMIT, Doritos Capitol – After shutting down the DCP army just 8 days ago, Mustapha1ox has decided to start some tensions with the newly recreated UMA army. 

The Doritos have been known over the years for their ability to recover from just about every issue they’ve faced. From rapid rises, to countless closures, the Doritos have had their fair share of loss and gain. However, its safe to say that their last few generations have by far been some of the most successful in DCP history, reaching World Power sizes regularly and being a consistent competitor for 1st throughout all of 2015. Many leaders have found themselves at the helm of the Doritos during their prime these past few months, such as Bam117, Jester, Mach, Badboy, Sprite, Mustapha10x, and many others.

Following the departure of every leader, with the exception of Mustapha, the Doritos announced their shut down on February 16th. In a post titled “ResigNation” Mustapha10x discussed his sole dedication to the army over the years, and said that he planned to revive the DCP at full force once he found himself with more time on his hands. You can view an excerpt from the post on the DCP site, or view the full post here.

I was there when n*ggas left us, I was there when it was just me and like 2 other kids when we were all 10 years old. I pulled all nighters and was always on my grind, in the name of the Doritos. I led the ultimate buttf*ck of every one of our competitors. All of them. You see, the reason I returned to DCP was to make my peoples happy.

I’ve been down since day one, but it meant nothing on day two. Every single one of these self proclaimed “legends” ditched out, and I ran this f**king shit by myself. I had to let f*ggot nerds lead like Sprite when I was away, and look what he did. He multilogged on a f*cking game for 10 year olds, what does that do to our dignity? I conquered at this weird game for years on end, and autistic 12 year olds discredited my accomplishments because of some nerd behind his computer going on extra tabs.

I guess what they say is true, everything that goes up must come down. I never believed in it, but feast your eyes. We were the greatest thing since ACP-domination. We were actually better, considering we challenged every single army alive. No one will ever compare. I would however like to thank Brad and Trader for staying by my side no matter what. You guys are the realest…

with that being said,


– Mustapha10x

Now, just 8 days later, we see quite a different post made by Mustapha. In his newer post, Mustapha express his outrage towards the Underground Mafias Army, and accuses them of stealing his recruitment method. He also calls out Jester and Mach, both former DCP leaders who are currently leading UMA. You can read an excerpt below, or find the full post on the DCP site here. 

Why does Jester talk so silly? It’s cause he’s f*** r**I let my friends join the cpps army for fun, but Jester thought he could take advantage of me not being online. Guess what? You played yourself!!! If his CPPS army doesn’t die in a week again, I will personally kill it. I have time on my hands again, and your ass is mine. This one’s for Mr.Mach ~~~

– Big Musty

On the UMA side, two response posts have been made regarding Mustaphas threats. Since they’re both relatively short, I will display the entire contents of their posts.

“This is infact IT“ echoed Mustapha as he writes a post just 7 days after his giant wall of retirement text. It’s a great feeling knowing you wrote something just as meaningless as your empty threat post. Keep it up, Mustapha.

– Jewish Apostle

This post was titled “@Musta” and can be found here. 

@ big musta flex

مصطفى حسنا، دعوني أكون واضحا، هذه اللغة يجب أن تعرف جيدا جدا لأنك يبدو أنها تفتقر إلى فهم اللغة الإنجليزية. أبيد سخيف الجيش الخاص بك مع أو بدون خادم خاص


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5goISKPSH8?version=3&rel=1&fs=1&autohide=2&showsearch=0&showinfo=1&iv_load_policy=1&wmode=transparent]

– Jester, UMA Leader

This post was titled “Do I have your attention now?” and can be found here.

For reasons unclear to me, the bulk of the post is inscribed in Arabic. A simple Google translation, although not entirely reliable for its accuracy, turns up as “Mustapha Well, let me be clear , this language must know very well because you seem to lack the understanding of the English language. Exterminated ridiculous your army with or without a special server.” 

An interview was also conducted in order to get a better understanding of UMAs stance on the recent threats against them.

ME: What are your thoughts on threats issued by mustapha10x?

Joseph: I haven’t really read the post and I don’t really care.

ME: Do you have any specific plans if DCP declares war on UMA?

Joseph: Not really we don’t care about musta or DCP.

Me: After returning will UMA  be able to achieve its former glory and handle threats issued?

Joseph: We will have to wait for answers don’t we? 


Now, we want to know what YOU think! Will UMA capitulate to the Doritos, or will tensions continue to rise? Do you think Mustapha can carry out his threats against UMA, or are they just empty words? 


CPA Central Reporter



  1. Silly Google, Translates to:
    Mustapha Ok, let me be clear this language you must know very well because you seem to lack the understanding of the English language or maybe it just goes out one ear to the other? i will fucking destroy your army with or without a private server.

  2. OMG.
    Jester re-open Chaos Army.
    Jester leave from Chaos Army to be UMA Leader (wary)
    And Mustapha’s words….it’s a good words. I don’t allow UMA comeback to CPAC. NEVER!
    Doritos, you can count on my help! UMA…Please, sit down to you underground towns. YOU ARE DEAD. A few years ago.

  3. After an expeditious brush over of DCP’s website it is clear to me that they still operate under the pretense that they’re genuinely worth something to the community in lieu of realizing that they’re full of brain clouded plebs.

    They all need a dose of Jesus.

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