Pirates Merge Into Dark Warriors

UPDATE, 5:29 PM EST – We have received conformation that the Pirates leaders (Andrew24, Final Chaser, Silverburg, Hulk, Tempah, and Ghost) do not plan on following Waterkid and Pongo’s proclamation and still plan on reviving the Pirates once they unmerge.
UPDATE, 3:16 PM EST – Pongo and Waterkid, Pirates Legends, have proclaimed Pirates as dead and have stated that only they can recreate the army. Andrew24, Final Chaser, Silverburg, Hulk, Tempah, Ghost and Spy have been ‘forever banished’ from the army on top of this announcement.
Migrator, Pirates Army – The Top 5 army, The Pirates, have decided to merge into the Dark Warriors. What will this mean for the Dark Warriors?

On the 17th of October, Pirates has officially merged in to the Pirates army. The Pirates didn’t give reasons on why they decided to merge, however the Leaders, were both offered great ranks in DW. This is what they had to say:

Pirates 2

❗ The History Of The Pirates Army ❗

The Pirates were created some time in the spring of 2007 by Bid Now. During that time he was in the Ice Warriors and the UMA. He created the army and gathered around 4-5 troops.  Coolster grew the army to new heights. Sometimes hitting 13+, which at the time was impressive for a medium army. It even saw us defeat the Golds in a war. After a few weeks, Bid Now joined the Golds and Hussam/Coolster didn’t like that and started to get into arguments with Bid. In 2008, Bid left the army and defaced the site, causing the first generation to end.  they are a strong consistent army being led by Pirate Legend Waterkid100. They are constantly in the Top Ten’s and are well known for strong British force, which is extremely useful when they’re at war. The Pirates are wanting a 5 year legacy before ending the army, and Waterkid wishes to do so. However, it became a 7 year legacy and they are still going strong until now. Waterkid has attempted to merge the army numerous time ever since he hired Andrew. Waterkid had recently redirected the Pirates main site to the Light Troops site.

The Pirates at their best maxing 40 before the merge.

Recently CPPA has been in war with the Ice Warriors. That war ended 2 days back from now and the CPPA dropped two spots in the top ten. Was this because of the war and the troops got bored? It looks like the CPPA merging into DW is the best thing to do at this point. Below you will see this week’s top ten and CPPA’s current rank.
Pirates 3
The Pirates current place in the Top Ten

Almost all the leaders and owners of the CPPA went into the Dark Warriors ownership. I have listed out the ones who went into the ownership and the ones that are still pending.

  • Andrew24 (Leader)
  • Tempah (Leader)
  • Hulk (Still pending)
  • Silverburg (Leader)
  • Ghost (2ic)
  • Lord Jay (2ic)
  • Rose (Still pending)
Pirates 5
DW current size maxing 50 at the tourney event.

Recently, the CPPA has been in the media a lot with the war with Ice Warriors, the merge of Pirates, and even today’s story about Waterkid redirecting the CPPA website to the LT website and making his statement of CPPA’s closure on LT’s website. After a long stretch of time with CPPA, the merge into DW was very shocking by many people and even in the process of this merge a DW owner was fired. That owner being Apollo. Was this merge the best thing CPPA could do right now? WIll CPPA be back in the near future? Only time will tell us.

So what do YOU think of this latest merge? Will the Dark Warriors now reach greater heights? Was the end of the Pirates necessary? Yes, we want YOUR opinion! Comment what YOU believe down below.

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  1. Stupid move for DW. If you’re getting 1st consistently, by those type of margins, why rock the boat? Don’t change a goddamn thing.
    Also, large merges almost always fail. Imagine how the young, malleable, minds of DW troops are gonna feel about this sudden influx of DW owners? DW trains their troops to believe anyone that isnt DW are inherently bad. Accepting an army like CPPA, I don’t think DW knows what theyre getting into.

          1. Bahaha stop going on browsers and disliking your comments. Been about 20 seconds and my comment already has 2 dislikes in the morning.
            Also, good to see your can make your lies as funny as your name “Magicnoodles” DW site had 13k views last week lmao.

          2. “Unlike you” Notice how at the time I’m typing this none of my comments in this have upvotes?? Also I never comment on this website, this is the first post in a while.
            And lol @ you, remember when DW cancelled events on weekdays when you were the only owner online? The Golden Drake days yoo.
            Anyways I’d rather not waste my time on some kid who got recruited off CP at 15 (yeah you were sad enough to be playing CP legit at 15) but yeah bye

          3. Geez, why not just walk away and stop replying. Just ignore, both of you. DW is doing great.

          4. Could you just stfu. you’re irrelevant ever since you ‘retired’ from DW and started to go against us for no reason. Can’t believe I sided with you when the other DW owners went against you. You’re just making yourself look worse by going on different browsers/going incognito.
            I’ve been watching DW ever since I retired and tbh, DW was hated when Drake, Spi and you were around. Many people used to pc me calling YOU guys ‘the annoying people’ and to remove you, but I always defended you all. If there is a lunatic in this convo, it’s you.

  2. Pongo and Waterkid can’t “end” the Pirates as they are both banished from the Pirates.
    The only thing Waterkid has done is seize control of the domain which will be fixed eventually.

      1. Say whatever you want, we’ll do the same thing that we did to NW. Your cppa gens won’t matter in a few weeks. Especially your small max 10+ generations. Least Waterkid can talk, you’re just a joke.

      2. You literally have no influence in Pirates you led a few small-scale gens.
        Waterkid maybe has more influence but that doesn’t mean he can just shut down Pirates because he can’t rise LT without stealing CPPA troops.

        1. My generation maxed 18, which is similar to what your UK division is currently maxing. My generation had no divisions. It was only UK-based, which is very difficult to lead considering that a large portion of people in armies are from the US. Waterkid on his own maxed 20-25, we’re more equal than you think. The reason I am influenced and the reason I am a legend was because of the dedication I put into Pirates over the last 3 years.

    1. Stop talking about situations you literally have no idea about, just because Funks said it doesn’t mean you need to echo it.
      CPPA will not be opened until the new web address is top of Google, whether that takes a week or 3 months.
      This has NOTHING to do with the Champions Cup.

        1. Your opinion carries more weight than someone else’s because of your position.
          I’m surprised you even agree that it’s ok for Waterkid to redirect site to LT for no reason other than to steal troops but whatever.

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