Multilogging – A Growing Issue?

Klondike, CPAC Headquarters – As of today, multi-logging seems to be more evident then ever. But the big question is, why is it so evident nowadays? Today we will be looking into the most popular cases of multi-logging of the past six months.

As the first part of the year comes to an end, it seems as if, like steroids in the MLB, multilogging has been running rampant. Let’s look into the accusations that have shook through the army community.

1. The Case of the Army Republic

On January 9th, 2014, a post was made by Shaboomboom about how the Army Republic, particularly 122344a, Burritodaily and Vinny (who all happen to be CPA legends) were multilogging. Starting with 122344a, he had the ownership of two penguins, his own (122344a) and Elitesof. They had both been seen at events together, including his own retirement event.

Picture from an event in December 2012
122344a’s retirement event, where Elitesof and 122344a are seen

In Burritodaily’s case, like 122344a, had the ownership of two penguins, Gannon and Clevels, which had also been seen at numerous events together.

Gannon and Clevels seen at an event in August 2013

Like the other two, Burritodaily’s partner, Vinny, was shown to have done the same thing as 122344a and Burritodaily, going on two penguins he owned (Razr21 and Gre165), and like the other two, both penguins have been seen at numerous events.

Vinny’s penguins, Gre165 and Razr21, shown at an event in August 2013


2. The Case of Ganger90

The first case of a possibility of Ganger90 multilogging was shown in a picture taken in January 2013, where it showed Ganger having three browsers open at an event (Firefox, Chrome and Opera).

Another piece of evidence shown was the true identity of Fort59. One piece of evidence shown was that Fort59 was not on the SWAT ranks page. Another piece of evidence was that Fort59 is only seen at events that Ganger 20 is at, and when Fort59 wasn’t at an event, Ganger90 wasn’t at it either. As well as that, as shown from the CP Army Central comments section, Fort59 and Ganger 90 both commented their votes for the CP Army Central Summer Awards 2011, and their IP’s were a perfect match.

The evidence was finally confirmed when Ganger 90’s xat account was banned on CPAC chat and Fort59’s account was banned too.

3. The Case of the Army of Club Penguin

Let’s look into one of the many people in the Army of Club Penguin who have been accused of multilogging. Sercan has been accused multiple times of multilogging on the account 10sportacus. At almost every event Sercan was at, 10sportacus was at it as well. It was also shown the 10sportacus had the same xat ID as Sercan’s old account, shown here:

After that, many pictures were released by Skyfish of high ranking ACP soldiers (Jerry, ACP Leader at the time, and Lumarnara, ACP 3ic at the time) telling Skyfish about multilogging.

Jerry, discussing himself multilogging
Lumarnara, asking Skyfish to multilogging

4. The Case of the Light Troops

Like the Army of Club Penguin, there have been many accusations of the Light Troops multilogging. The most recent case has been in the current war between the Light Troops and the League of Justice. There were multiple pictures of Light Troops Creator and current Light Troops Leader, Ioioluk, as well as other leaders, eachother to multilog (these pictures are currently being disputed for if they are legitimate or not)

A Light Troops 2ic, Tylund1, is also being accused of multilogging, after being allegedly seen on the penguin “Small Hotdog”, a penguin who is seen at many events, however is not on the ranks page.

5. Other Cases

One of the other cases was in January 2013, where Elmikey (RPF Leader at the time) told a troop called “zoozoo” to log onto two browsers for an event.

However, these claims were proven not true after the troop “zoozoo” was revealed to actually be Beeky, Nacho Leader, and that the picture was fake.

Another case was with Taco, Former SWAT Leader. A picture was released of Taco telling a SWAT Leader in Training, Oliver, to multilog.

One of the more current accusations of multilogging is aimed towards Danny, Former Nacho Leader and current RPF Leader. He has been accused of multilogging on the account “Jackmandang”, who has been seen at several RPF events with Danny. Shown in an RPF Promotion Post in 2010, was the name Danny/Jackmandang. The picture is shown here:


I managed to catch an interview with Mrtchy, ACP 2ic and Tempah, Golden Troops Leader, about the issue.


CPAC: Mrtchy, what is your opinion on multilogging?

Mrtchy: I think it shouldn’t be done, but it will be done no matter what. There’s no punishment for it right now, so there’s nothing really stopping people from doing it

CPAC: Do you think “no multilogging” should be a rule? If so, what should the punishment be?

Mrtchy: I think it should be implemented, but it’s hard to come up with a viable punishment.

CPAC: Any last comments?

Mrtchy: No



CPAC: Tempah, what is your opinion on multilogging?

Tempah: I think it’s wrong and shouldn’t happen, but with so many people doing it and many more undetected people will think they need to multilog to compete.

CPAC: Do you think no multilogging should be a rule? If so, what should the punishment be?

Tempah: Yeah, it should for sure, otherwise army sizes won’t actually reflect how big they are, but rather how many browsers they have. For the punishment, I’m not sure. I think it should be dealt with on a case by case basis.

CPAC: Any last comments?

Tempah: No.


My Verdict:

I think that multilogging is definitely something that shouldn’t happen in armies, but lots of people do it. I honestly don’t blame them, nothing is implemented to stop them from multilogging. In regards to my earlier comment about MLB and steroids, they have rules in place for whoever does use steroids and other performance enhancing drugs, which stops most people from doing it *cough* A-Rod *cough*. With rules set in place, I do think multilogging would not be as used, but it would still be an issue, no matter what.

What is your opinion on multilogging? What punishments do you think should be in place for those who do multilog? We want your opinion!

๖̶̶̶ۣۜ§iverburg, CPAC Reporter


  1. ya see, if none of this shit ever happened, we would have never gone into world wars and huge battles

    1. make them join an army as a private led by elmikey, pain, shiver, and rocky.

    2. Your proposition is stupid to be honest. Anyone who will accept a ‘severe’ punishment from a bunch of people who have no business telling them how to run their army deserves to be overthrown from their army because they don’t have assertiveness or sense of true leadership.

  2. I think that multiloggers if proven to be true, shold be removed from the legends page (if they are) and to be removed from the top 10 for a certain amount of time

  3. I don’t think its a huge problem. Its really 1 or 2 extra penguins and if so many armies are doing it you can’t punish all of them. Idk if theres much anyone can do without a council or a mutual agreement reached by all major armies.

    1. 1 or 2 penguins from say 5 owners is 5-10 extra penguins which decids battles, if the LT proof is to be believed and people like Jose are using 3 then it increases even more

  4. I say if it helps the army, why not? It helps CP armies when you multi-log, and it can interest rogues on cp. Idk what’s the big deal about everything, other than the fact that they’re used in wars.

    1. Hence the use of the word “accused”. There’s no concrete evidence showing that Jackmandang is a multilog, then again, there’s no concrete evidence showing that Jackmandang isn’t a multilog.

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