Army of the Week: Red Vikings

In this edition of Army of the Week, we focus on a rising small army with chances of becoming medium-sized.  The Red Vikings have been busy this month, after passing their 1 year anniversary a few weeks ago, this army has been at war with the Shadow Warriors.  RV is also recently had 3ic elections.  Does this army have what it takes to become a medium army?

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The Red Vikings were created as the Club Penguin Pink Alliance on July 19, 2011 by Lime Pumpkin and Morggg1234.  CPPA began to rise in October 2011 during their “War Era” when they were at war with RDA.  In November 2011 they entered their Golden Age and achieved great sizes.  After that, they began to fall, so in January 2012, they became the Scouts of Club Penguin.  The Scouts didn’t work well, so after a year of CPPA’s creation, they became the Red Vikings.  RV made it into the medium top ten for two weeks, but then went back down to small.  However, they’re still thriving, and have the possibility of rising to medium again.

Current Leadership:

RV are currently led by one of their creators, Lime Pumpkin.  She seems to be doing a good job leading the army which can be seen by RV’s good sizes in recent events.  She also seems to work well with the other owners, so the leadership of RV looks pretty stable.  Also, in recent 3ic elections, Epicorange1 was elected as the new RV 3ic.

Recent Events:

RV was recently at war with the Sky Troops, so they have had many events recently.  One of the battles was the battle of Pine Needles.  Both RV and ST claimed victory.  RV claimed to max 15-16 and that ST only had 7 troops.  ST claimed some of RV’s troops could have been bots or that they were just people who weren’t in the army. 

RV also claimed victory in the battles of Bobsled and Yukon.  ST was a no-show to the battles.

More recently, RV ended their war with ST and are now at war the Shadow Warriors.  The two armies battled on Parka recently.  RV claimed to have won the battle, and had sizes of 7-8.


I think RV has been doing well lately.  I think they have what it takes to beat SW in their war.  I also think they can rise to be a powerful medium army, though eventually they will fall to be a small army again, unless they get a boost in active troops and become large.  Overall, they have been doing good in recent events.  I think people looking for intense wars and battles would join RV.

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How do you think RV have been doing?  Can they win their war with SW?  Can they rise to the top of medium armies?  Comment with your opinion!

Tomato 8883 CPA Central Reporter


  1. Tomato.
    Those pictures are 2 weeks old and the info is wrong as well.
    RV are currently at war with Shadow Warriors NOT Sky Troops

  2. RV vs ST war ended weeks ago.
    RV get 6-8 now,
    The 2nd picture are not Red Vikings
    They are the Red alliance and bots. Red Vikings claim its them but it’s so easy to know that they are lying.

  3. I apologize, I typed part of this post earlier this week and forgot to include the war with Shadow Warriors. And I meant to type she in reference to Lime Pumpkin, but I guess I typed he by force a habit.

  4. i Agree ive noticed some bots in the last few months but there is no reason to ban them from top 10 they use bots to get attention like PR once they get big they might stop using bots 🙂

    1. PR never used bots.
      However, Blizzard does use bots and HIS bots used to dress up as PR.
      If you still think PR use bots than you should check their steam group.
      They have over 1k members.

      As far as RV are concerned, they do deserve to be banned from the Top 10. You can’t just let an army use bots than add them into the Top 10. If one army uses bots to get into the Top 10, than another will too. But if one army gets banned for using bots, than other armies won’t use bots as they would not like their army getting banned from the Top 10.

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