Army Building 101: The Website

The website for your army is probably the most important thing you will ever need (other than your chat) in order to maintain your army. They’re normally beautiful, with appealing graphics and quality posts sitting on the front of the exquisite site. So, the question is, how can you get your website to top quality?

Let’s start with graphics. This little, yet remarkably important item is the basis of the beginning in creating a website. Finding a person who makes graphics these days isn’t too hard, since many find it enjoyable to create these pieces of art for others (whether they choose to sell it for currency or not). Different graphics appeal to different. For me, I like GT’s graphics and AW’s graphics.

You must remember that graphics may leave an impression on your troops. If you have sloppy graphics then, people will think that you do not care much for your army and will be reluctant to join. When you make your website you musthave the basic pages, it’ll easily organize the site and will make easy access to important things. A good website will have some pages like:

  • Join
  • Ranks
  • Chat
  • Nation
  • Uniform

If you have a page menu on the side, put them to where you can easily see them and not have to scroll down to access. A good idea is to have your homepage incredibly easy to get to. This is helpful because people normally go to the homepage again after viewing a page. Who would of thought that those little side widgets could be so important? They tell you things, like a leader bio, upcoming events or even the latest comments. These widgets may possibly become your best friend if you depend on them for being an active troop.

In a widget column you can also put fun things, like music (it’s a great idea if you can’t put it in the CSS, but make sure to have a pause button if you do!), planned activities and other things of that kind.

Well, that’s all for this week. See you next time! c:


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