DCP Scandal – Resolved

First off, let me say, we will not be punishing the Doritos of CP.

The actions against us were those of one person, not the army, so therefore there is no reason to punish them. As for Wwe, he will be comment banned for 1 month from CPAC, which means he will be unable to comment on the site. After that, his comments will simply be held in moderation before they can be viewed.  We also plan to reform the page maintaining system to make it more secure at some time in the future. In the meantime, most maintainers will remain contributored.

We thank everyone for expressing their opinions on this matter, and helping us to come to the right punishment that both damages the hacker while still keeping those not involved safe. Finally, let me address the further claims of our supposed “attempts” to control armies:

  • CPAC has and reserves the use of the right to ban any person, persons or organization from our site for any amount of time. This power is to be used only in extreme scenarios, such as hacking or extreme attacks against the site. Whenever it is used, the banner must spell out in clear terms the reasons for the ban.
  • Furthermore, we are in no way attempting to take over armies. There have been several extreme situations in the past weeks that may have made it appear as such, but rest assured, that is not our goal. In the end, we are still a news site, and strive to provide you, the viewer, with the best of our site. Sometimes, to make that content the best, actions such as banning are required.

Now that I’ve spelled all that out explicitly, let’s get back to being a news site, shall we?

♣||»Sιя Bℓυєsσ¢кωa тнє 2η∂«||♣



  1. That is a stupid “power”. Removing armies is not what a NEWS site, repeat, NEWS site is supposed to do. News sites are supposed to report news. I understand firing him, but what the heck is the point of not allowing people to go on the site. You should not be able to “ban” someone. This is ridiculous. I can almost compare this to the U.S. government. The CPAC (Government) is trying hard to make CP Armies (USA) “fun again” and “non-violent”.That’s not what CP Armies are for! Snowball Wars and take overs. Isn’t it more fun to take over and conquer a whole entire army instead of having a boring, pitiful “practice battle” Come on man!

    Reply with your opinion, please.

          1. Its not like they’re saying that everyone has to agree a banned army isn’t a real one. Its just that in their opinion they aren’t one and wont be recognized as one on this site.

    1. It’s called the delete button. 😉
      Also, IP addresses aren’t the only way to ban people.

  2. You can’t ban Doritos. Because WWE is in more than one army. So you would have to ban IW too. And every other army he is in.

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