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Hello, I am the newest member of the CPAC staff TanMan626 :mrgreen:. Many of you may know me, I lead the Nacho Army. I joined armies in February 2009 as a Nacho under Person1233’s reign(imagine that lol). I have been a Nacho for roughly 2 years. My other armies have been NW as a mod rank,ACP as the janitor xD, and some small armies. I am 14 years old and am a ginger :D. If you want to know more talk to me sometime I am usually on Nacho Chat.

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Now, onto the next subject the Nacho vs. UMA war. This war originally started out as the “War Of Ignorance” between two big alliances. The DCP alliance and the UMA alliance. Both these alliance had been fighting courageously and the war was really getting intense because no one could tell who was going to win. The Nachos, needing something to do decided that they wanted to enter this war on neither side, but, as a side of their own. They posted that they would be entering and the battles they would be attending. UMA was not happy with the Nachos decision and became very angry and took this as a sign to attack the Nachos. So now it was panning out to be both alliance vs the Nachos. The Nachos felt the need to gather allies also and brought in the ACP their newly added ally. Eventually, all the armies left the alliance besides Light Troops and the UMA. ACP then at that point decided to back off as well leaving it as the Nachos vs Light Troops,and UMA. Then, Wednesday night the UMA invaded a beloved Nacho server “Whitehouse”. 

The Battle Of Whitehouse

This battle shocked many, the UMA came out ready while the Nachos were expecting an easy victory but were proved otherwise. The UMA and Nachos both logged on around 30 minutes prior to the battle with UMA having a slight troop advantage. By battle time the UMA had around 20 while the Nachos varied from 10-15. The battle then switched to the Snowforts where the two armies battled it out.

-A picture of a mass of Nachos and UMA in the town while UMA use warfaces.-

After both armies were stationed in the snowforts the numbers looked like about 20 UMA and numbers around 10-15 Nachos still. The UMA were quick on tactics but the Nachos numbers were still slowly rising to about 20 right before the rooms changed.

-A picture of UMA performing Warfaces while Nachos perform a Jokebomb on UMA.-

After the battle at the Snowforts the Nachos were forced to retreat to the Ice Berg. Nachos growing with numbers around 20 at the Ice Berg awaited the UMA resistance when boom it hit. About 25 UMA charged into the Ice Berg and the Nachos tried hard but could not take down the heavy UMA force and their numbers dwindled back to around 10. After that, they decided it was over and surrendered the battle to the UMA.

-A picture of Nachos attempting to form a line while UMA perform Warfaces.-

This win gave the UMA hope and shocked the army world. The UMA ready as ever had a battle scheduled for Thursday on the invasion of “Mountain” another beloved Nachos server. The Nachos leader TanMan626(Myself lol) posted that the Nachos cannot give up hope and that it was a “Fluke Battle”. His post proved right today as the Nachos versed the UMA on Mountain.


The Battle Of Mountain

The UMA were not just satisfied with winning Whitehouse but they raged for more and invaded the Nacho server “Mountain” a very memorial server for the Nachos. The Nachos seeking revenge were ready for this battle also. 

Both armies logged on about 30 minutes prior to the battle in the town each with about 10-15. Then both kept growing until both had about 25 each. Then both armies charged into the Snowforts with great numbers each.

-No Pictures of the Town available-

After both armies got settled in the Snowforts they both had about 25-30 in numbers both having excellent tactics but Nachos with a slight edge in both. Both armies performed various Lines,Charges,Bombs until the Nachos forced UMA to retreat to the Plaza with a deadly Jokebomb.

-The Nachos perform a Sun Bomb while in line as UMA performs a Toot bomb while in line-

As both armies charged into the Plaza the UMA were set up in the ticket booth with about 20 while Nachos charged in and did a 🙂 face bomb with about 25 soldiers. Both armies performed tactics very well but still, Nachos had a slight advantage. After many various bombs from each armies the UMA numbers start to drop some to about 15 while Nachos were growing to numbers of about 30.

-The Nachos perform a “WHY SO SMALL?” bomb.-

After the Nachos perform a big bomb on the UMA the UMA retreat to the Pool. The Nachos immediately followed with numbers of about 30 and UMA with numbers growing again with about 30. Both armies performed half a square around to parts of the Pool with numbers about dead even at 30. After a few bombs in line by both the Nachos performed a giant charge on the UMA which dwindled their numbers down again to around 20-25 and Nachos still at about 30.

The UMA perform a Puke Face Bomb while in line as the Nachos perform a Money Bomb in line. Both very solid bombs.-

After this, UMA was forced to retreat back to the Forest where and form a line with about 15 where Nachos followed with big numbers of about 25 and attacked. Both armies formed a line Nachos with a big advantage of about 10-15+ soldiers and UMA’s numbers dropping to about 15. Both armies gave a good fight but UMA finally surrendered.

-The Nachos and UMA both form lines while Nachos perform a Coffee Bomb.- 

This war is looking to be very big as many armies have now joined in against Nachos and many against UMA.

Now for questions! 😀

-Is this becoming a World War?

-Who will win?

-Are Nachos reasons for war justified?

Did You like my first post?

Yeah 1000+ words on my first post :mrgreen:

~Stay Beautiful




  1. -Is this becoming a World War?

    -Who will win?
    Nachos & allies will win but UMA deserves to win

    -Are Nachos reasons for war justified
    No, they declared war on their closest allies.

    1. Nachos weren’t the first to have this reason. Besides it’s good to have a war instead of recruiting. That’s the whole point of this community.

  2. is this becoming a world war: Maybe UMA fights wars for a long time so if Nachos are willing this war could go for a good month maybe more

    Who will win: White House & Mountain showed that it can go either way it wont be size that will this war but tatics.

    Are the Nachos reason for war justified: NO NO NO NO NO!!! Who declares war on your best allie the one that stuck with you in the 3 amigo’s well IW would regularly ditch us for ACP! Also we would join in all your wars that you asked no questions asked at all.

    P.S. Hopefully Tan or anyone else wont be stupid and let any real powers in their I mean its fun with just Nachos and UMA we dont fill up the room to the brim and hear on chat from soldiers on how we cant get in and stuff like that bringing in major allies would cause that and ruin the war.

    P.S.S. I was gonna plan on returning historical servers anways UMA knows what it’s like to lose one of their precious servers I certainlly dont see us using White house or Mountain. And hopefully Nachos will agree

    P.S.S. XD Pony’s are fucken gay Dr.Slides and Tan good post not biased even though your army’s involved

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